Diffuser Instructions

About your Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser
Congratulations on your diffuser purchase!
1. Remove outer casing
2. Remove the cap (it has the long tube pointing up)
3. Fill to the line with cold water
4. Add a few drops of fragrance, a max of 5 drops. More than this may result in a locked unit.
5. Connect to power and it will beep.
6. Press the button on the right to start the mist cycle
7. Red light is intermittent mist and green is constant mist
8. Press the button on the left to alter the light functions. Press once for rotating light, press
multiple times to choose a static colour light will turn off at the end of the colours.
9. The tank will get warm during operation but not hot.
10. The water and oil may become milky in appearance, this is normal.
11. These units carry a 12-month warranty. If there is any browning, scoring or damage to the
vibration plate the warranty is voided.
General Care:
Rinse all fragrance out of the unit at the end of each cycle
Only fill to the line (this will rub off if you get fragrance on it).
Do not get water in the air outlet on the side (that odd-looking hole)
Use only a few drops of fragrance.
Lights and button functions:
The button on the left is for the lights.
The button on the right is on/off & mist program.
If the unit beeps & turns off after being switched on, it’s blocked. Do not attempt to use until you
have thoroughly cleaned the unit.
Run a water-only cycle and retry.
Once a week add a teaspoon of vinegar to a water cycle. Allow to run for 5 minutes, empty and
When not in use empty and store the tank upside down to prevent mould.
Please take care not to touch, push or poke the vibration plate in the bottom as this will damage
your unit.
Inside the top cap, there is a small plate that covers the air hole. Sometimes bubbles will get caught
in here and prevent the mist from escaping. Simply remove the cap shake excess water and replace. As
soon as the cap is removed you’ll see the water vapour/bubbling. The unit is still working, it just
has an airlock in the cap.
If your unit is not producing mist, noisy, is beeping and cutting out you need to clean it!
Follow the steps above to troubleshoot and if it still does not work please don’t hesitate to
contact me.